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What do we mean by process mapping?


AE will review existing process documentation (if your business has any, don't worry if you don't) and start a series of workshops to ensure we understand the current and desired state of your sales and revenue processes.

The output of the workshops will be a visual representation of your processes and how your CRM will be set up to enable those processes 

Most customers that work with us are looking for help to streamline or build their processes in the following areas:

Revenue chart
New Business Development


AE will help you to design the process for New Business Development teams including the sales stages and pipelines, sales automations, and reporting requirements



AE will help you design a process to prioritise new leads / marketing qualified leads for your SDR team.

Automation is a big part of an SDR strategy on HubSpot CRM, and ensuring there is seamless handover between your SDR and New Business Development Teams 

Account Management

AE will help you to design the process for your Account Management teams, including ways to capture critical information about existing customers, automation of tasks at various stages of the customer lifecycle, and upsell/cross-sell techniques.

Onboarding Processes

AE will help you to design the onboarding process for new customers by mapping out and suggesting automation at different touchpoints of a new customer's journey with your company. 


There are literally thousands of HubSpot consultants and agencies, so I am sure you are wondering why you should consider working with AE CRM: